We're Optimism

Thanks to decades of collective industry experience, we’re able to recognize the smartest paths to financial success for digital media brands.

We identify and advance these initiatives at Pardon for the sustained health of its ventures, because each, in its own way, is a reliable source of joy for millions of readers. That’s where we get our name, Optimism Digital, and why we say that we’re building a brighter web.

We Believe In...

Promoting Positivity

Great brands have great influence. We support brands that spread knowledge, hope, and joy.

Establishing Connections

Our brands leverage the power of email to form strong connections with readers and to introduce subscribers to our rich web experiences.

Fueling Growth

We look for innovative ways to build audience, trust, and revenue for all of the brands we work with.

Building Effectively

The shared services we provide allow new ventures to launch with expertise, established systems, and proven roadmaps. They don't just launch faster; they launch smarter.

Our Leadership Team

Peter Chang

Chief Operating Officer

Jason Terry

VP, Revenue Operations

Tyler Paschke

VP, Analytics & Growth

Join The Team!

Interested in helping us build a brighter web? We encourage you to keep an eye on our openings to find the role that’s right for you.