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Inspiring Quotes Logo

Every morning, Inspiring Quotes curates and contextualizes a quote culled from the greatest minds — including writers, inventors, artists, entertainers, and leaders. Our aim: To help you begin the day with wisdom, clarity, and a sense of peace.

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Nice News Logo

Imagine waking up to positive news every morning, becoming more informed and empowered than the day before. Nice News publishes the uplifting stories you might have missed, helping you re-envision your relationship to the news.

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Interesting facts logo

Every day a new, surprising fact launches a fun learning journey filled with fascinating information and interactive games.

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Trivia Genius Logo

Trivia Genius is designed for the irrepressibly curious, those who want to know about everything under the sun. From insightful articles to challenging trivia questions, readers will find plenty to satisfy their curiosity.

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History Quiz Logo

History Quiz fosters a connection to the past through play. The brand’s informative, entertaining quizzes offer quick challenges and snackable history lessons every day.

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Travel Trivia Logo

Traveling is about more than just checking new destinations off your list — it’s an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the world. Want to continue doing that between vacations? Sign up for Travel Trivia and start playing today.

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The Discoverer Logo

The Discoverer is a modern travel guide. Helpful travel tips, insider recommendations, and inspirational storytelling help readers both plan their next adventure and explore the world from the comfort of their homes.

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The Wonder Logo

The Wonder is an email series curated and composed by the editors at Likemind. The mission: To facilitate daily moments of surprise, discovery, and conversation.

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Quiz Daily Logo

Quiz Daily tests your knowledge on a range of topics, with a new challenge each day. Perfect for those who know a little bit about everything.

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Word Genius Logo

Word Genius makes learning new words fun and convenient, helping you grow your vocabulary a little bit every day with usable intel on definitions, pronunciations, common usage, and etymology plus games, articles, and more.

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Travel Quiz Logo

Get ready for an educational adventure around the world — no luggage required. At Travel Quiz, test your knowledge of geography, landmarks, world cultures, and customs with wanderlust-inducing daily challenges.

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Trip Trivia Logo

Can you tell the Pantheon from the Parthenon? What about Niagara Falls from Victoria Falls? Prove it with Trip Trivia, a daily trivia game that tests how well you know the many wonders of the world.

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